As a tech enthusiast and early adopter I quickly fell in love with the world of NFT’s. I still cannot believe at one point I had some Bitcoins and sold them for next to nothing. Had I simply forgotten about my BTC and remembered last month I had some, it’d be typing this from my yacht somewhere near the coast of Bora Bora.

Recently the NFT world was rekindled via Beeple’s holy crap $69 Million dollar sale, and other pixelated arts selling for hundreds of thousands, the world jumped in masses to google what the fungible is a NFT?

As I began to learn, purchase, and explore The Hashmask, MoonCats, Crypteriors and other collections, I saw what I call the “Now what” effect.

NFT Owners that were getting great deals, selling, trading and all of a sudden, the market cooled off. Now, NFT Owners had these de-valued NFTs (albeit temporary – some fans would argue) in their digital wallets and a ton of explaining to do to their significant other on why their bank accounts were empty and they now had a cartoon in their phones.

Been there, done that, got the earful. Still in love with this world, I was dead set on making this work. I was driving and suddenly it came to me. NFT Profitability, in most cases only happens at the time of sale and if the market is down, there is no choice but to #hodl.

I wanted to create a platform where we can help NFT Owners monetize their NFTs while it’s appreciating safely in their Digital Wallets and so Maddie’s was born.

Through the licensing of NFT’s Maddie’s will seek to monetize the artwork of NFTs in multiple mediums and pay the NFT Owners royalties on every piece sold.

More details coming soon… Stay tuned.

Alan Argollo
Founder & CEO