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Maddie’s presents:

Maddie’s is bringing your NFT to the Metaverse as an interoperable avatar that will work across 170 games and apps.


and Maddie’s upcoming Metaversify will allow owners of NFTs to transform their digital pieces of art into customization assets in Ready Player Me.

To celebrate the start of the collaboration, all Ready Player Me users will be able to access three 3D Masks based on the Hashmasks: Alloy Orange, Po, and Magnum Opus.

These will be available for a limited time. Soon thereafter, NFT owners will get the chance to mint their complete Hashmask avatar representation into Ready Player Me.


During this limited time promotion with Ready Player Me, Maddie’s will begin to unveil how NFT Owners who partner with Maddie’s will be able to mint 3D representations of their NFTs to be incorporated into Ready Player Me’s Avatar creator.


The idea of using the same Avatar across every application is the TRUE manifestation of the Metaverse.
You will be able to choose between becoming your NFT Avatar and/or monetizing it by selling it to other players. The minting package details will be unveiled with multiple options that will let you choose how to utilize your NFT in the Metaverse.

Start playing with this awesome tool and start making your Avatar at Ready Player Me to enjoy just a taste of what you will be able to do when you mint Metaversified NFTs and take your collection to the next level.

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