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About the product

Introducing our distinctive Wallet-Sized NFT Metal Cards, designed to embody a revolutionary blend of art and technology. These compact, license ID-like cards give physicality to your digital asset, taking your NFT ownership experience to a whole new level.

Fashioned from durable metal, each card delivers an exclusive representation of your NFT that feels as substantial as its significance. The superior-quality print captures every intricate detail of your NFT artwork, ensuring an ultra-vivid, long-lasting display that’s just as unique as the digital token it represents.

But that’s not all. These cards come equipped with a customized QR code that can be linked to any personal or public URL of your choice. Whether you want it to lead to your LinkedIn profile, personal blog, or even the webpage showcasing your NFT collection, the choice is yours. This feature not only adds a unique, personal touch to your card but also serves as a bridge between your physical artifact and your digital presence.

Compact enough to slide into your wallet and robust enough to withstand the rigors of everyday life, these metal NFT cards allow you to carry a slice of the digital world with you wherever you go.

.: Crafted from sturdy, high-quality metal
.: Wallet-sized
.: Personalizable QR code for seamless digital integration